Friday, September 30, 2016

SOAR and Rescue Dogs

We went to two assemblies this week.  One was about SOAR, which is the program we use for school expectations.  It stands for self-control, outstanding achievement, acts of kindness and respect.  We are working on self-control for starters.  We have had some thoughtful discussions about it.

We also learned about rescue dogs.  We met Toby who was found injured in a cardboard box.  We found out how he was shipped to Massachusetts to live here with a new family. Everyone was excited to get a chance to pet Toby.  The kindergarten and first grade are doing a fundraiser to help dogs in shelters.  The children may bring in a can of dog or cat food if possible for a donation.

I am sending home a packet of letter formations and paper with the Fundations lines on them. Please keep them for the year so the kids can practice. If you can't copy the lined page, I can send home more. So far we have done t, b, f, n and m. Just a reminder for full size backpacks and field trip money. We are all set for chaperones, thanks. Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Our First Day!

We had a wonderful start to our year!  The children were busy painting, drawing and making a puzzle. Everyone was very happy, lots of smiles.  Many are quickly making friends.  Here are some pictures of our busy day.

Welcome to Room 101's Blog!

Mrs. Clark and I can't wait to have you join us in room 101.  We are looking forward to an exciting year!  The blog is a place where you and your family can look for pictures of special activities and we can share important information. Here's to a great year!