Thursday, October 29, 2015

Going to the Zoo

The kids each made a crocodile and monkey puppet to sing "Going to the Zoo."  You probably have heard that more than a few times!

The class also took turns as a group to build block zoos. They were very creative. 

The rain held of and we had a great day at the zoo.  We got to see many animals, but having the gorillas come up so close was very exciting!

Friday, October 23, 2015

What's new in 101

October is going quickly and it's almost time to go to the zoo. The children each made a zoo animal for the hallway.

We are also making a book about animals called "I Can Roar Like a Lion."

Mrs. Logan visited to teach us about life skill # 3 - If something is too hard or confusing, ask politely for help.  Everyone did a nice job practicing that.  

An artist visited Francis Wyman to show us how to make mosaic designs.  The children got to see the tiles and stones up close.  Each child made a mosaic initial with paper that came out quite nice. 

We are having a kindergarten Halloween parade next Friday at 9am. Parents are welcome to view from the lobby. Children can bring their costume and change in school.  This is always a fun day!

I will be sending home some math sheets for the kids to do at home. You do not have to send them back to school, this is just some extra practice.