Monday, April 14, 2014

Circus Reminder

Our circus trip is on Thursday this week. The children will need a bagged lunch which we will eat during intermission. We plan to be back around 1:45. Pick up will be then, unless your child goes to the after school programs. Chaperones should arrive by 9:45. 

Research and Write


Recently we have been talking about persuasive writing. The class has learned it means to use language that would talk someone into doing something you would like them to do.  We started out making posters to advertise a toy swap. The class was invested in their idea which in turn helped make the posters quite effective. "Swap or buy a new toy for you" was just one example of their creativity. I was very impressed with these kindergartener's effort. 

Next we did research about one subject so we were prepared with the knowledge to support our next writing. Our subject was a rabbit and the class was to write a persuasive note to me, asking for a rabbit from the science center for a class pet. I found a site from National Geographic Kids about animals that was perfect for us.  

The class had to choose two facts to write and then give their reason for wanting the rabbit in the classroom.  It wasn't an easy task but many were able to complete it. They've convinced me to get the rabbit for after vacation. Everyone was very excited about doing the research like the big kids.  We will be doing more research when we begin our informative writing after vacation. 

Here are a few examples of our writing. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Magnet Show!

On Thursday, Mr. Musselman visited with his famous Magnet Show. The class was fascinated by the many types of magnets he showed us. We also got to "fish" for items that stuck to a magnet. 

The class found out that a magnet has poles. See if your child can tell you what the largest magnet is.  

Back in the classroom, the kids were able to experiment with many different items to see if they would stick to their magnet. The children were able to make predictions based on what they had learned. Magnets are a subject that conjures up lots of excitement!