Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Today we were visited by an artist named Michael LaFosse.  He is a master of origami.  Origami comes from the Japanese words for fold (ori) and paper (gami).  Mr. LaFosse showed us many intricate items he made.  He explained how it is done by folding only, no cutting.  

Mr. LaFosse gave all the children eight squares of paper, four of one color and four of another.  He showed them how to fold them and make them into crowns.  Then they made the crowns into towers. They also made a duck.

The class did a remarkable job, I think they surpised themselfs!  They were amazed at the things Mr. LaFosse has made.  Here are pictures of a skunk and an alligator.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Writing meets science.

We have been talking about the parts of a fish and it just so happened that labeling diagrams was a lesson this month in our writing program.  We drew a fish and the children took turns writing the words for each fish part.  They thought it would be interesting to write some "Fish Facts" and place them around the fish. It became a very informative poster, and we have the option to add more facts if we'd like. 

For another writing lesson, we had to write a procedure using transition words.  This is a "how to" that includes a title, steps that describe a process using words such as first, second, next and last. We had to think of something fairly simple, so the class decided on the steps to making a snowman.  They learned that some processes need to be done in a certain order.  This is a long piece, so I let the students dictate and I wrote.  Learning the transition words became the focus.  When we were done the kids thought it would be a good idea to add a list of materials, and I agreeded!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our visit with the hedgehogs!

Miss P. visited from the Science Center.  She brought two hedgehogs, Luna and  Clementine. We learned many things about this mammal, and we took turns touching them to see what their quills felt like. We then got a chance to roll in a ball just like they do to protect themselves. 

Other news:
Progress reports are going home on Wednesday. Please return the blue folder. 

Please send a note if you would like to chaperone the Aquarium trip. We can take three people. 

Math Night is 6-8 on Wednesday night. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's a new year in Room 101!

We had a nice long vacation and now we are ready to work. January is a busy month learning about ocean life. We look forward to our trip to the Aquarium along with Fish Day. That is when all the kindergartners can go room to room doing all types of fish activities. 

Next week the science center will bring the hedgehog for a close up visit. 

This week in class we are learning all about the different characteristics of a fish. The children were able to compare similarities/differences between mammals and fish.  Here are our Fish Facts.

The Science Center brought two box turtles to our classroom. Their names are Dorito and Mia. They will be visiting us for a few weeks. We hope to get other pets during the year.