Friday, October 11, 2013

What's happening in Room 101?

We are continuing our unit on animals, this week we talked more about reptiles and their characteristics.

We spent sometime comparing reptiles with mammals. We were all able to write one mammal fact in a journal page. I'm keeping all the completed writing in the room and you will see the children's progress at our first conference. 

Each group had a chance to work together to make a block zoo.  We saw a lot off creativity and cooperation. Each child told the class which part of the zoo he or she built and gave a short explanation describing how they made it. They were able to answer any questions their classmates had. 

Many thanks to everyone that sent in lunch bags and cotton balls. We made our crocodile and monkey puppets, they came out great. We will be using them to sing "Going to the Zoo Tomorrow."   The info on the zoo trip and the Nutcracker ballet has gone home. We had to put them out together because we have paid for the ballet tickets in advance. Please email or send a note if you would like to chaperone.

Letters and numbers are looking better everyday. Any chance to practice at home helps tremendously!
We wrote and learned the sounds for c and o.  

We wish you all a wonderful holiday weekend!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's happening in 101?

We have begun our unit on animals.  This unit reoccurs at different times of the year to give the children a chance to understand animal classification. After reading and talking about mammals, the class brain stormed mammal characteristics.  Ask your child about mammals, you might be surprised at their answer!

Next we move on to reptiles!

Next week each group will take turns making a wooden block zoo. This is always a favorite activity and now we can share them with you on the blog.  All of our activities help prepare the class for the animals they will see at the zoo.


Our library books are due back to the library on Friday. Many are already in the room. 

Don't forget about the "All About Me" activity.  About half the class has brought it back. Have your child let us know if they need another copy.

Hope you are enjoying reading our class books with your child. It is a great way for them to learn responsibility, letters, memorize and learn sight words.  Please try to return the books the following day, they are in great demand. 

The children are working very hard on their alphabet books. Keeping them in their book box is a perfect place for them to store them together and share with you. 

The zoo trip will be the at the end of October, we are finalizing the date.

Please try to enter your email in the Follow by Email section of the blog if you have not done so already.  Thanks for your cooperation.


We are in need of 1 bag of cotton balls and 2 packs of paper lunch bags. We use them for puppet making. If someone would be kind enough to donate one item it would be greatly appreciated. If interested, just email me and we can work something out.  Thank you, thank you!